Branding & Design Basics: How to create the perfect logo & color palette for your brand

Welcom to the Sohuis Strategy Hour! This workshop is a live, group session for both Sohuis Insiders and Non-Members. In these workshops, we cover a broad range of marketing topics, and you can connect with other amazing womenpreneurs, just like you.

The theme of this session is: Branding & Design Basics, with Sarah Sommers, Co-Founder & Brand Director & Roswelle Barleta, Visual Designer, IFundWomen

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Join us live on October 21st, 11AM EST

We'll be talking all about branding and design.

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    Hosted by Jessica Korthuis

    Founder of Sohuis

    Marketing maven, coffee junkie & dry shampoo enthusiast

    About this event

    The event is a live, group video session that takes place on Zoom. Grab your favorite cup o'joe and pull up a chair to have a behind-the-scenes, actionable and inspiring session about branding and marketing your business.

    Why you should come

    One of the biggest obstacles womenpreneurs face is the lack of mentorship. Sometimes, you just need to rattle your crazy ideas past someone who's been there, done that (know what I mean?). These sessions are specifically designed to address the unique challenges women face when branding and marketing their businesses. Join us, and bring a friend!