How to Manage Impostor Syndrome: And show up condidently in your business

Many high-achieving and successful women have struggled with impostor syndrome, as do many female entrepreneurs.
But you don’t have to let it stand in the way of achieving your business goals. By understanding and managing your inner impostor, you can learn to put it in its rightful place, so you can move forward confidently and achieve your biggest business goals.

In this masterclass, Stacey Hagen, business coach and brand strategist at Create Coaching & Consulting, will be teaching participants what Impostor Syndrom really means, how it shows up in your business, and ways that you can make peace and thrive in your business.

We can't wait to see you in class!

Join us live on February 17th, 11 - 12:30pm EST

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    Hosted by Sohuis, Featuring Stacey Hagen

    Sohuis is a leading educational platform and membership community that helps early stage female founders learn how to brand and market their businesses. Stacey is a business coach and brand who works with clients to build their brand while being themselves, so they can serve more of their dream clients and make a living doing what they love.

    About this event

    The event is a live, group video session that takes place on Zoom. Grab your favorite cup o'joe and pull up a chair to join a behind-the-scenes, actionable and inspiring session about building and creating your Personality Brand, living your best self out loud, and building a brand that sticks.

    Why you should come

    Branding and marketing is hard (like, really hard). Sometimes, all you need to get you to the next level is to listen, learn, and rattle your crazy ideas past someone who's been there, done that (know what I mean?). These sessions are specifically designed to address the unique challenges women face when branding and marketing their businesses. They're taught by industry experts and women who have created and launched all kinds of diverse and successful brands, businesses, and ventures.

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